Hot and Sour Soup Recipe

25 g - grated carrot
¼ cup - grated cabbage
1 - onion
1 cup - vegetable stock
1 sprig - green onion
1 ½ - green chillies, finely cut
½ tsp - vinegar
1 tbsp - cornflour
¼ tsp - pepper powder
1 tbsp - soya sauce
¼ tsp - chilli garlic sauce
salt to taste

1. Cut the green chillies finely and mix it in vinegar.
2. Mix the cornflour, pepper, soya sauce with some water.
3. Then mix the vegetable stock in it and boil. Add the salt and stir.
4. Heat the oil and fry the carrot, cabbage and finely cut green onion.
5. Pour the corn flour. Add green chillies and vinegar.
6. Boil for a while and mix in the chilli and garlic sauce and serve hot

This is not my own recipe, but I have tried it, and it's awesome...


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